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    New Concept Tube Power Amplifier

  • Introduction to Product Characteristics

    1. Diverse functions. Three modes for one machine (Integrated stereo amplifier, Two single-channel power amplifiers, Bridged single-channel amplifier).
    2. Soft power-on.
    3. High energy standby. Power tube small current burn in.
    4. Automatic deflection servo tracking of power tube. The full life cycle is free of user adjustment.
    5. First invention of power tube "thick sound" processing technology. Improves tube life.
    6. The pre-amplifier tube uses a shielded damping radiator cover. Improve signal-to-noise ratio. Reduce microphone effect.
    7. Extremely strong overload resistance. The bridged amplifier can connect to a minimum 2 ohm load.
    8. The socket is a medical grade safety assurance power filter. Suppresses EMI Interference.
    9. The hood is detachable, and its surface is nano-graphene ceramic coated. The machine’s heat is effectively converted into far-infrared radiation.
    10. Original and novel circuit design. Innovation of quasi - symmetric topology.
    11. High and low voltage isolation, high efficiency, regulated high voltage power supply.
    12. High-end audio transformer with independent dual feedback.
    13. Short loop low negative feedback application.
    14. Low inner resistance drives between amplification chains. Ensures good large signal transient characteristics.
    15. Selectively chosen highly reliable electronic components. Electrolytic capacitors are high temperature resistant, long life, and low internal resistance.
    16. Input and output interface is rhodium – plated, without magnetic effects. Minimum signal contamination.
    17. PCB hybrid cabling technology. Unique craft design.
    18. The inner wire is customized, high temperature and high pressure resistant, shielded, super soft, multi-strand wire, silver plated, pure copper wire.
    19. Chassis structure is unique double layer. Curved aircraft aluminum alloy panel. Anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference.
  • Amplifier technical specification

    Rated stereo output power:     

    60W per channel at 8 Ω, 20Hz to 70KHz, -3dB

    Maximum undistorted stereo output power:

    66W per channel at 8Ω,80W per channel at 4Ω, 1kHz

    Bridge mono output power:180Wat 8Ω, 1KHz

    Frequency range:

    6Hz to 70KHz±1dB(at 1 watt into 8Ω) 0dB at 1KHz

    Stereo power bandwidth:

    20Hz to 65KHz -3db; 0dB=60W 1KHz, 8Ω

    20Hz to 70KHz -3db; 0dB=50W 1KHz, 8Ω

    7Hz to 73KHz -3db; 0dB=25W 1KHz, 8Ω

    Total harmonic distortion:

    Less than 0.3% at 1W output,20Hz to 20KHz,8Ω,typically 0.05% @1kHZ

    Less than 1% at 60W output,40Hz to 15KHz,8Ω,typically ≤0.8% @1kHz

    Circuit model: Modified UL, Class AB1

    Bias adjustment: AUTO BIASED

    The amount of negative feedback: Less than 6dB

    The Input Impedance: 25KΩ

    Input Sensitivity: Max. 650mVrms at 1KHz for 60 watt output

    Rated Output Impedance:

    Signal to noise ratio: 92dB at rated output,No Weighted

    Tube service: 4pcs KT88;4pcs 6SN7; 2pcs 6922

    Machine size: 44 cm(W)37 cm(D)27 cm(H)

    Machine Weight: 36Kg net, 42 Kg Packaged

    Fuse: 220VAC,3.15A/115 VAC,T6.3A


  • FRE-1W

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  • List of Tubes Used

    This machine uses two 6922 vacuum tubes and four 6SN7 vacuum tubes for the front stage of amplification. The rear stage uses four Russian KT88 vacuum tubes for push-pull amplification.

    TF* is Tube Fidelity Company's special pure thickness sound processing Tube, which has the effect of pure thickness and pure sound, eliminating noise, and improving sound quality.

    Vacuum tube model for this machine



    SVKT88 TF*

    Alternative vacuum tube options