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    Warranty :

    1. For all the legally sold products (exclude tube and Compact Disc Player products), we will provide one-year* free maintenance policy (component costs also included).

    2. For tube and Compact Disc Player products, we will provide three-month free maintenance policy **(component costs also included)

    3. Under the warranty coverage, we will provide free maintenance for all the problems caused by product quality.

    4. The warranty will expire if the following conditions happen:

    a. Problems caused by fixing or changing the components, tuning the machines without our confirmation.

    b. Problems caused by violating our instruction booklet.

    c. Problems caused by environmental issues or disasters.

    5. We are eager to help to maintain products that are expired of warranty or excluded from the warranty, we may charge for maintenance and components, you can contact us for details.

    6. For product need to maintain, please contact us prior sending back the product.

    * Since the purchase date.

    ** The policy will be terminated if the tube breaks.

    Warranty policies may change or amend due to different conditions, all rights reserved by Jolida.